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ApiDoc Insights
Due to privacy concerns, various solutions have emerged that aim to protect your online identity and enable you to surf the internet with anonymity. The Tor Project is one such initiative managed by volunteers across the globe.However, this can result in inconvenience if you are trying to ...
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ApiDoc User Agent
By default, an internet browser provides a User-Agent string (UA) which carries detailed device and browser information (type, version, OS etc).However, different browsers provide the UA strings in different formats, making it difficult to interpret this information directly. This could require hours of coding and testing a parser that effectively reads all the variations....
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ApiDoc Security
The User Risk API endpoint is a wrap-up for our comprehensive Hazard Report API. It provides a simple go/no-go first line of defence solution for some common access control scenarios. 'Low' risk response - means that the IP address passes all the security checks and can be considered safe. Please only be aware that although the risk is low - it is still not zero! ...
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ApiDoc User Agent Free
The Free Client Info API is a fast and simple way to establish the public IPv4 address and browser details of your customers. It offers proxy detection by examining the X-Forwarded-For (XFF) HTTP header field and detailed User-Agent (UA) information, providing a quick overview of the visitor and the device that they are using to access your services....
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ApiDoc Insights Country Info
Returns list of world countries and territories details with localised names to a language of choice
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