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We designed our free API package offering to suffice most small to moderate use case scenarios.

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No credit card is required to start using our APIs.

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Access to ALL of our public APIs and packages with all features enabled.

Can be used in Commercial projects.

Not limited for development only, you're welcome to use it in production too!

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No trial period. Upgrade to a higher plan as your usage increases.

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Lighting fast response time, no throttling, no ridiculous 'HTTP only' or 'without support' restrictions.

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If you need more, you can upgrade at anytime.

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Our APIs are divided into multiple packages to suit your needs.

As your project grows, you can monitor and upgrade your packages with our easy-to-use subscription management dashboard. The dashboard also provides useful insights about your API usage.

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Big enough to consume many millions or even billions of queries?

We have got you covered too!

We're so confident in our distributed ultra-scalable infrastructure that we're happy to be the first vendor globally to offer UNLIMITED packages!

Our aim is to push the boundaries and provide break-through technologies at disruptive pricing