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The world’s most accurate IP geolocation data powered by BigDataCloud’s industry’s first fully scientific patent-pending  IP Geolocation technology.

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new feature
Industry's First Daily IP Geolocation Accuracy Report
Industry's First Daily IP Geolocation Accuracy Report
new feature Industry's First Daily IP Geolocation Accuracy Report

IP Geolocation Package Features

Fast response time

Fast Response Time

Lightning-fast (sub-millisecond) API response time



Supports high volume concurrent API requests

Superior accuracy

Superior Accuracy

Accurate continent, country and city-level location data

Rich locality info

Rich Locality Info

Additional rich administrative level locality information

Postal Code

Postal Code

Full postal code level accuracy for the US, Great Britain, and Australia (partial for other countries)

Point Coordinates

Point Coordinates

Estimated geographical coordinates (latitude and longitude)

Security reports

Security Reports

Detect VPN, proxies, bots, hosting likelihood, blacklisted IP blocks and more

Confidence Area

Confidence Area

Superior accuracy map representing the most active servicing area of an IP address

ASN info

ASN Info

An up-to-date network and ASN info data

Country info

Country Info

Timezone, currency, flags, country phone number code and more

Language support

Language Support

Detailed locality information of a user in 147 common world languages

extra features

Extra Features

Other essential APIs like a user-agent parser, localised world countries info list

IP Geolocation package contains the following APIs

GET /data/user-agent-info
By default, an internet browser provides a User-Agent string (UA) which carries detailed device and ...
GET /data/timezone-info
Dealing with time zones in your applications can be challenging and at times confusing. You might ne ...
GET /data/timezone-by-ip
This API returns the same result as the Time Zone Info API but for the supplied IPv4 IP address. ...
GET /data/country-info
This API returns detailed information about countries including ISO defined names, languages and cur ...
GET /data/countries
Returns list of world countries and territories details with localised na ...
GET /data/country-by-ip
This API returns detailed information about the country identified by geolocating the provided IPv4 ...
GET /data/ip-geolocation
What is an IP Geolocation API?The IP geolocation API is a web service used to identify internet user ...
GET /data/ip-geolocation-with-confidence
Due to the global shortage of IPv4 addresses, Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are working hard try ...
GET /data/ip-geolocation-full
IP address intelligence plays a vital role in cyber security by allowing businesses to perform vario ...
GET /data/asn-info
An autonomous system (AS) is a collection of connected Internet Protocol (IP) routing prefixes manag ...
GET /data/network-by-ip
This API returns detailed information about the active network a specific IP address belongs to, inc ...
GET /data/hazard-report
The Hazard report API is a dedicated IPv4 address intelligence endpoint for our most comprehensive s ...
GET /data/user-risk
The User Risk API endpoint is a wrap-up for our comprehensive Hazard Report API. It provides a simpl ...

Flexible pricing options that scale with your needs

All the plans provide full access to all the APIs listed above. The pricing is based only on the volume of API consumption. Regardless of which APIs you use, the monthly API limit applies to the sum of all the successful API calls made for that month. You can review your current API usage in your account's dashboard.

Get 2 months free on yearly subscription.

IP Geolocation Package Benefits

better user experience

Better User Experience 

Deliver better web/mobile user experience and increase engagement with location-based content customisation.

increase engagement

Increase Engagement

Build strong customer relationships and generate higher ROI with personalised and targetted content, without compromising users’ privacy.

grow revenue

Grow Revenue

Increase revenue by running targetted location-based marketing campaigns powered by BigDataCloud’s superior location data.

robust online security

Robust Online Security

Build secure customer engagement touch-points like lead/contact form, web comments, logins/signups and online payments with BigDataCloud's Hazard Report - VPNs, proxies, bots, hosting networks, TOR traffics, known malicious IP blocks and even residential VPNs.

digital content protection

Digital Content Protection

Protect your digital content against illegal access or copyright infringement by implementing robust geoblocking with BigDataCloud’s accurate IP location data and advanced IP security metrics.

built for scale

Built for Scale

BigDataCloud’s infrastructure is built for high-volume and low-latency so companies like Saas, e-commerce sites, online ad platforms and content streaming platforms can scale fast and continue to receive a reliable, accurate and fast response.