How to not get banned while using our Free Client-side Reverse Geocoding API?

Last Updated: October 13, 2021

Client-side Reverse Geocoding API Terms and Conditions

The main restriction of the API is that it can only be implemented on the client-side. If the system detects a violation of this term then the IP address calling the API will get banned and you will not be able to use any of the free APIs available.

IP Ban Error Message

If your IP address is banned, you will receive the following error while trying to access the API, and you will not be able to call any free APIs of BigDataCloud:

{"status":403,"description":"this endpoint does not support server-side operations. use '/data/reverse-geocode' endpoint instead. your ip address XXXXX  is now banned. To lift the ban email support@bigdatacloud.com“}

However, it is also possible to get the error message if your IP address was previously banned by our system. The chances are low but it is possible. Hence, we recommend that you reach out to us if you need any assistance.

But in most cases, you will get this error because you have knowingly or unknowingly violated our policy.

Fair Use Policy

The two main criteria of the fair use policy are:

  1. GeoCoordinates: How are you retrieving the geo-coordinates? The API should only be used to convert the current geo-coordinates (latitude and longitude) retrieved, with permission, from the client’s device. It should not be used to convert any pre-stored or even other client instances’ geo-coordinates.

    The coordinates should only correspond to the calling client device’s best known, current location.

    Therefore, the API call is only valid for geocoordinates retrieved from the client-dependent geolocation services like GPS or WiFi positioning system.

    For web projects, you can use the HTML5 geolocation API, whereas for mobile and other IoT devices you need to use their respective client SDK.

  2. API Call: Where are you calling this API from? The API should be called from the client-side from where you are retrieving the geocoordinates.

    You cannot retrieve the coordinates from the client-side and pass them on to a different server or a client to process the data. Therefore, it should be called from the geolocated client-side only.

Failure to comply with any of the above criteria will result in fair use policy violation and your IP address will be banned.

Once you have received the output from the API, you are free to store, transform, and make any changes you want. We do not restrict how you use the output data, once you have received them.

For Invalid Use Cases

What to do if you violate the criteria and your IP is banned? 

If your use application doesn’t match the criteria then you can use our server-side reverse geocoding API. It provides the same output as the client-side reverse geocoding API and comes with 50K free monthly queries. You can increase the API queries for $2 per additional 50K queries.

BigDataCloud’s client-side reverse geocoding API is one of the most popular free API for converting geo-coordinates into a readable physical address on the client-side. 

Some of the key advantages of our API are:

  • enterprise-grade reliable service with over 99.99% availability
  • always free to use for the client-side
  • no request rating restrictions, no throttling 
  • lightning-fast (sub-millisecond response time)
  • no API key or account creation required
  • provides detailed locality information

You can find more information on the API page